Chakra Balancing Vial
Chakra Balancing Vial
Chakra Balancing Vial
Chakra Balancing Vial
Chakra Balancing Vial
Chakra Balancing Vial
Chakra Balancing Vial
Chakra Balancing Vial

Chakra Balancing Vial

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Chakra Balancing Vial

 “Chakra Balancing” is specially designed for those focused on Aligning and Balancing their Chakras.

Chakra Balancing contains a powerful blend of harmonizing crystals- Opalite, Amethyst, Turquoise, Peridot , Citrine, Carnelian, Garnet

Meaning – Self Esteem, Wisdom, Inner Power, Self- Mastery, Mental Clarity, Insight, Spiritual Realization, Protection, Balance

Chakras- All 

Chain Length-   18" both colors 

Sterling Silver, Silver Color, and Gold Brass (note if custom chain length is desired)

Size-1 1/4 long, 7mm wide

Material- Metal, Glass, Semi-Precious Gems, Essential Oil


This is a man-made glass resin, which is made up of Dolomite and metal to create its opalescent appearance. It is a popular choice because it’s very similar to what is produced when volcanic ash cools and hardens. This stone enhances the properties of other crystals. Opalite is a great stone for meditation because it gives off very calming and soothing energy. This stone can also enhance psychic abilities and induce visions. This stone supports emotional balance and assists in making smooth transitions during changes. The frequency of Opalite will help you understand your soul's path in this life. It will help you to integrate its energies into your own energy fields so that you are able to walk on your highest path.


Amethyst is known as one of the most spiritual crystals. It is an ancient healer of all levels of body, mind, and spirit.  This crystal enhances intuition, spirituality, and meditation. This powerful stone is known to have strong cleansing, purifying, and healing abilities. It restructures, renews, and transmuting lower energies into higher vibrations.  Amethyst also protects against psychic attack and manipulation. This crystal will assist you in developing a deeper understanding and bring balance, tranquility into your life. Amethyst was used in ancient times to recover from both physical addictions as well as addictive relationships, and became known as the “Stone of Sobriety”. A natural stress reliever, Amethyst can encourage inner strength.


Turquoise is a most efficient healer, providing solace for the spirit and well-being for the body. [Hall, 305] It benefits the overall mood and emotion by balancing and inducing a sense of serenity and peace. Holding or wearing Turquoise helps restore depleted vitality and lifts sagging spirits. It relieves stress and brings the focus back to the center heart.[Simmons, 420] It is empathetic and balancing, helping one to recognize the causes of happiness and unhappiness, and to master them. [Gienger, 89]

Turquoise strengthens the meridians of the body and the subtle energy fields, enhancing communication between the physical and spiritual worlds. Placed on the Third Eye, it supports intuition and meditation. On the Throat Chakra, it releases old vows, inhibitions, and allows the soul to express itself once more. It explores past lives and regards fate as ongoing and dependant on one's action at any moment. [Hall, 306]

Turquoise is a stone for finding wholeness and truth, and communicating and manifesting those qualities. It stimulates and harmonizes the Throat Chakra, making it easier to articulate and bring forth one's deepest wisdom. Turquoise empowers those who are shy about sharing their understanding and aids in the knowledge that in speaking from the wholeness of our being, we each have something important to contribute to the collective.[Simmons, 420]



Peridot is a powerful cleanser. It is particularly helpful to healers. It releases and neutralizes toxins on all levels.  Alleviates jealousy, resentment, spite, bitterness, irritation, hatred, and greed.  Reduces stress, anger, and guilt.  Peridot opens our hearts to joy and new relationships.  It enhances confidence and assertion, motivating growth, and change.  Sharpens and opens the mind to new levels of awareness.  Banishes lethargy, apathy, and exhaustion.  Peridot enables you to take responsibility for your own life. 


Citrine is a Gemstone of Light, Happiness, Energy, Joy, and Abundance. Powered by the sun, Citrine warms, cleanses, and energizes. This crystal can enhance one’s optimism in any situation, inspiring a more positive outlook. Citrine brings self-confidence and willpower. This is a powerful stone for manifestation. Citrine enhances concentration and revitalizes the mind. This Crystal can heighten self-discipline and attracting professional success. This stone can assist you in finding your power and unlocking your soul's potential. Highly protective, Citrine makes a great tool for Transmuting negative energy.


This is a stone of truth, love, and faith. The energy that Carnelian stone emits will revitalize you. It will remove all traces of sluggishness and invigorate the mind and body. It will encourage you to be bold and assertive. This crystal will inspire you to take initiative more often, especially with things that concern you and your well-being. This stone gives you courage and helps you discover your hidden talents. Carnelian stones attract good luck, abundance, and prosperity, and protection. This crystal will keep you safe from harm and other misfortune while keeping you strong and healthy in body and mind. Whether you need a boost in your romantic life, work-life, or creative life, Carnelian will provide the vital energy that you need to cultivate positive change.


Garnet is known as “The Stone of Health”. It represents primordial fire, the creation of the world out of chaos, purification, and love.

Garnets' notable characteristics are its ability to heal, energize, and purify the mind, body, and soul. Garnet is a crystal of health, passion, and energy. It ensures that energy is flowing smoothly throughout your body, dissolving any energetic blockages. It balances emotions and protects against stress. This protective crystal helps you to feel grounded, secure, and safe. Garnet promotes Self Empowerment and higher thinking. This crystal also supports relationships of all kinds especially those associated with passion and financial abundance. A stone of manifestation brings dreams into reality and reveals one's purpose in life.

Garnet cleanses and re-energizes the chakras.  It revitalizes, purifies, and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate.  Inspires love and devotion.  Garnet balances the sex drive and alleviates emotional disharmony.  It activates and strengthens the survival instinct, bringing courage and hope.  Stimulates past-life recall.  Sharpens perceptions of oneself and others.  Garnet removes inhibitions and taboos.  It opens the heart and bestows self-confidence.

A stone of commitment, Red Garnet represents love.  It revitalizes feelings and enhances sexuality, bringing warmth, devotion, understanding, trust, sincerity, and honesty to a relationship.  Red Garnet controls anger, especially toward the self.


How does it work?

 For centuries crystals, stones, and minerals have been used as healing tools and talismans by many cultures throughout the world. Many neuropathic and spiritual practices believe that disturbances and blockages within a person’s aura or energetic field may cause ailments in the body and mind. As a result, many energetic healing practices utilize a crystal's energetic abilities by placing them on or near the body. It is believed that the crystalline structure that crystals hold can assist the body in healing, unblocking, and rediscovering its own energetic rhythm and flow.

Crystals can aid a person in focusing and amplifying his or her own personal power by being used as a tool of accountability. By focussing on your intentions you are lead to take mindful actions to cultivate those intentions. You are reminded daily of your desired goals. Through tools like our Crystal Vial Pendant you able to consciously begin to take steps and create new habits. These tools are meant to make you feel empowered and supported both through your conscious focus and the crystal's energy. Every time you meditate with, hold or feel the weight of the Crystal Vial against your body you are reminded that you are the healer and you have the power to create the life you want. 


How to Set Your Intention for your Crystal Vial:

When you first receive your Crystals Vial Pendant, one of the most important components is setting intentions. To activate your crystals, sit quietly, holding the Vial in both of your hands. Visualize that you are breathing in white light and then imagine your intentions flowing into your crystals. You may also say your intention aloud if you would like. The stones are listening and ready to carry your intentions. 

Ships within 7-10 Bussiness Days 

(Jewelry is all Hand Made to order and goes through the processes of blessing, cleansing, and Reiki attuning by myself to support the intended owner. Please note if there are any specific intentions not listed you wish to be programmed into crystals in checkout notes.)

*NOT Intended for Children 

Care Instructions

  • Keep dry and clean with a jewelry cloth to protect the finish.
  • These Vials are Glass and are to be handled with care. 
  • Do not wear while sleeping or resting.
  • Do not wear in water could tarnish metal and cause permanent corrosion
  • Store in a None Humid environment
  • Polish with a soft micro cloth.
  • Do not use silver polish unless the piece is Solid or Sterling Silver

(Disclaimer -The information that is found anywhere on this site is not presented as a substitute, nor intended to be a substitute for medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis.)

Chakra Balancing Vial
Chakra Balancing Vial
Chakra Balancing Vial
Chakra Balancing Vial
Chakra Balancing Vial
Chakra Balancing Vial
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